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My Story

I was raised by my dad, who was an older man; in fact people used to ask me if he was my grandpa.  Because he was older he came with a lot of wisdom and knowledge, a good work ethic and stern discipline.  He shaped me into a well-rounded student and athlete.  In high school I was all-conference baseball, basketball, and golf.  As a young adult I enjoyed playing softball, competing in tournaments across the country and was even named MVP.  My dad became sick in his late years and he passed when I was in my early 20s.  At the time I was still living at home and working a crappy job.  I found myself in a lonely and dark place.  It was in that darkness that I found my Heavenly Father.

My life started to change for the better.  I met an incredible woman, fell in love with her and her daughter, and married her eight months later.  Soon after we became pregnant and were expecting a baby boy.  Everything was going smoothly until week 23, when we found out my wife was in pre-term labor and that she would not carry the baby to term.  We prayed and begged for the baby to hold on but at 24 weeks (three months early) Xander was born weighing only 1lb. 9oz.  It was the scariest thing I had ever faced.  Within hours of him being born we found out that his name meant warrior and we declared over him “the Lord is with you mighty warrior!”  My son went through numerous blood transfusions, was incubated for weeks at a time and underwent several operations.  We spent 105 days in the NICU, the days were long and the nights were even longer; but eventually we brought home a completely healthy baby.  My boy is the toughest person I know and he has inspired me to strive for more, to not settle but live life to the fullest. 

I’m now pursuing my dream to be a professional long drive competitor and hope to use the platform to raise awareness for premature babies everywhere.


I am writing to recommend Scottie Pearman as a Long Drive Golfer to make appearances and help raise money at Golf tournaments.

I cannot say enough good things about Scottie’s appearance at the 3rd annual Hannah’s Haven golf tournament.  Scottie along with Pro Golfer Mike Goodes did a Golf clinic.  The golfers loved being a part of the clinic and Scottie interacted so well with the golfers.

Scottie came prepared and did all his own set up and break down.  We were thrilled that almost every team participated in the long drive experience and the golfers enjoyed this extra perk as well as raised money for Hannah’s Haven.

Hannah’s Haven plans to continue our tournaments and will definitely ask Scottie to participate again.  Based on our experience, I can confidently recommend Scottie Pearman to provide his services as a long drive champion.


Sandy Troxler
Board of Directors
Hannah’s Haven


Sandy Troxler

Board of Directors, Hannah’s Haven

October 29, 2019

Dear Scottie,

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for  participating  in our  annual “Golf To Give Back” outing this year. Every player  and volunteer  that met you was moved by your  story and your gracious presence.    It is clear that you are passionate, not just about Long Drive, but about using your platform to  raise awareness of the importance of giving back. Your personal story is very engaging and your willingness to share it is inspirational.

Some direct quotes from participants that day are:

“Scottie  was awesome, friendly  and very personable.  His ” why”  is also amazing, the story about  his son being born prematurely and how he is using Long Drive to  help raise awareness  for  micro-premies is very meaningful.”

“It is clear that Scottie loves his family and golf and believes in the importance of  giving back. A very impressive young man. I hope he joins us again next year.”

It is a rare moment to meet an athlete with humility and grace and we believe  you will represent  Long Drive well in the future. We wish you much success in achieving your goals in the coming year and look forward to working with you again in 2020.

Best Regards,

Susan Joy


Susan Joy

Director of Leadership Development, YMCA of Northwest North Carolina